I’ve created a monster

I shouldn’t complain – I only have myself to blame…. we bought a new TV on the weekend. You know, one of those clever ones that connect to the Internet – BUT – I have now become a slave to YouTube.

It was one thing when I would play videos of books and cartoons for the girls on the iPad, but now I have to watch 55 inches of it! Thank goodness they are too young to read – they still need ‘mummy dearest’ to put YouTube on. As long as I don’t let ‘S1’ (age 5) see what I do when I connect to YouTube, she shouldn’t be able to work it out for herself for a while. I wonder how long though. Do other parents lock away their remote controls in the medicine cupboard or am I going to be the first?

On a serious note though – how do I stop my girls from accessing some of the not-so-nice videos on YouTube? Don’t tell me I have to learn how to use parental controls and more passwords just to watch tv!


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