Online identity issues

The abstract in this blog post by Tama Leaver sent shivers down my spine as I realised that everything I write on the Web about my children is becoming a part of their ‘Online Identity’ without them even knowing. I had briefly considered this issue on a small scale years ago when I would write in forums under a pseudonym. When you’re pregnant you aren’t thinking about the little one as a person yet, and certainly not as a ‘future online identity’. You are too busy thinking about morning sickness and impending labour pains.

I don’t plan to write anything on here that would be potentially embarrassing to them. I try to write these posts as if I were reading them directly to my children, mother, and boss. I figure that way I won’t say anything ‘wrong’ (not that I have anything ‘wrong’ to say anyway 😉 ).

I’d be interested to know how much other people think about what they write about their kids online and how it may affect them when they get older. Imagine a teenager reading about the terrible things they got up to as a child and how their parents would laugh at their embarrassing moments. Their future universities and bosses will be able to see all of this too.

When we write about our kids online, let’s never forget they will be choosing our nursing homes one day!


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