Google’s Project Glass

Have you seen the latest invention by Google? They call it Project Glass. Have a look at this video for more information and tell us what you think!

This type of technology gets me excited about the future. At first glance it seems to be the equivalent of having a personal assistant to follow you around everywhere. However, what are the consequences of technology like this?

Google already records every move we make on the Internet when we are logged into a Google account; can you just imagine the amount of information we would need to give up to them to use this type of technology?

There is no doubt that the semantic web (or Web 3.0) is coming but what happens when we give all of this information to one company? Granted, they use this information to enable us to take full advantage of their technologies, but what else are they using it for?

As technology moves us quickly into the future, let’s just stop, take a deep breath, and think before jumping in feet first. I am sure I will be one of the people eager to try these when they are released, but not before doing plenty of research on it first. Watch this space for more info when I do manage to get my hands on a pair.

Google? Are you listening? Interested in a guinea pig?

Check this link out for a preview of how they look!

Can you see yourself in a pair of these in the not-too-distant-future? Tell us what you think.


iPad addict at age two?

Am I a bad mother if my two year old is already addicted to the iPad? OK, maybe ‘addicted’ is too strong a word, but the iPad is definitely her favourite ‘toy’. Should I feel guilty about letting her play Angry Birds at this age? I’m not even sure how she learned to play it in the first place. Kids are just somehow able to pick up any piece of technology and make it work. At the risk of sounding old…. in my day, technology was the tv game ‘Pong‘ which I had to ask my father to set up each time I used it! Now here I am, 30…. something years later watching my own daughter work the iPad like she has been using it all her life. Actually, come to think of it, I guess she almost has used it all her life. Is that how kids have become so good at this stuff? We don’t really think of technology as ‘technology’ anymore. It is just a way of life and we have to let kids play with these things early on so they never get the chance to become scared of technology like we may have been.

The more technology in my house the better, I say. And if I have to use the excuse, “it’s to help my kids learn”, to justify always buying the latest toys gadgets, then so be it.   😉